Monday, August 27, 2012

Pole Dancing Workout... Yes, that is what this is titled.

As I explained in my post about Zumba class, I am looking for different things that are fun to add to my workout regimen.  One day a couple of weeks ago there was a Living Social deal for pole dancing in our area.  Don’t judge me, but I thought it might be fun.  I talked my best friend into this so that we could go on this epic adventure together!

The day finally comes for us to go to our pole dancing class!  I have shared with my family and friends about this exceptional opportunity that had presented itself and they all thought it was really crazy and we even got some comments about job training.  We are not really familiar with the area of town that we are driving to, but we just drive anyways.  We come to the shopping center that the studio is located in and we both just gazed while noticing a hot pink, lavish, most ghetto fabulous extra long vehicle with huge chrome rims on it.  We start giggling as we speed walk to the door of the studio and scoot inside.  A very friendly voluptuous woman approaches us and checks us in.  We take off our tennis shoes because apparently you don’t wear tennis shoes to pole dance, just a little FYI.  When you are a pole dance beginner you come barefoot, but they welcome you to wear high heels as you become more advanced. 

My friend and I claim our poles like we are saving our seat for a concert.  The lovely instructor is very relaxed and fun as she explains the specific and sequenced arrangement that we will be learning in the world of pole dancing.  Oh Joy.  I could already feel my palms getting sweaty as she started telling us to find our inner sexy. 

She started to go through a series of the key foundational movements of pole dancing and I realized that I should look at this as a challenge.  There is nothing dirty or wrong with what I am doing.  I am not training for a job, once I gave myself a pep talk I felt much more confident and put more effort into it.  This lady did her job well and I personally found it very amusing that I was trying to copy her! The instructor taught us everything from sensual floor work to walking, spinning, and endless combinations of these things together.
The instructor was very creative and fun. I would walk around the pole way too fast and when I would spin I would get dizzy and then knock myself into the metal pole, it was far from sexy.  The other ladies in the class were a lot of fun though and we enjoyed laughing at each other. 

When we left, I felt my arms shaking but I figured it was just the adrenaline pumping through my veins.  The next morning I could barely move my arms!  They were so sore!  This is coming from someone who lifts good amounts of weights!  I was so shocked at this discovery!  I can see how these types of classes can help you meet your fitness goals, and help with the strengthening and toning of your body.  I also discovered bruises on my hips and my left leg from running into the pole- oops.  I am all about learning, discovering, challenging yourself in new ways, and embarking on a healthy, life-changing journey.  That is what this adventure was about for me.  When I told people I was going to take this fitness class, I got some “you so crazy” looks.  At the end of the day, God wants you to feel good about yourself.  He is passionate, wild, and fanatical about you!  Same workouts every single day get very boring and I don’t think God has a problem when I wanted to do something that was a little out of the box.  You never know the relationships that may come from this that can be God glorifying. 
“I can do all things through him who strengthens me.” –Philippians 4:13

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